Heartfelt Fall Wedding in Fort Collins

Romantic and Heartfelt Wedding in Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins fall wedding

Every detail of this wedding wasn’t just carefully thought out. It was thought of from the heart. Everything had its purpose and its meaning to Aaron + Melissa.

I was lucky enough to work with the rockstar wedding photographer Felicia Marti as her second photographer for this wedding. It was my final wedding of the season and boy oh boy did I end on a high note. Felicia and I made the scenic trek up to Fort Collins together so we wouldn’t have to sing to ourselves in our own cars. haha

Melissa and Aarons big day took place at a family friends home. If this heartwarming gesture doesn’t give you glimpse into the kind of people Melissa and Aaron are, I don’t know what will. I certainly do not have any friends who would open their home to me and my crazy flock of Canadians.

When we arrived on the property we were immediately greeted by friendly smiling faces and made to feel welcome inside their home. The property was completely adorned with wedding bliss. Twinkle lights in all the trees, love signage down the entire length of the driveway, and golf carts to shuttle people around the property. I was ready to move in.

As every bride should be pampered on their wedding day, Melissa truly had the royal treatment when it came to getting dressed. Her amazing sisters, daughter, nieces and mother helped her slip into her stunning wedding dress. She even rocked some red tights to keep her warm later that evening. So fun and so smart!!

Now, let’s talk about my favorite part of the day…their first look. Aaron and Melissa were originally on the fence about doing a first look. After talking it over they decided that it would be the best decision for them to get some pre-wedding jitters out and to have a romantic moment just the two of them before becoming man and wife. I’ve seen many a first looks and this one even had me crying.

I can not tell you how much I truly enjoyed photographing this day. I never wanted to sun to go down nor the day to end. If you too are thinking of a cozy and romantic wedding day like this and need someone to capture it, Im your girl! Hop on over to my contact page here. Let’s get together, share a shake at chic-fila or maybe grab a couple beers if your local. CLICK HERE!