Lookout Mountain Engagement Session | Golden, Co

This world is forever getting smaller. I am never shocked anymore by the degrees of separation between people. Andreae reached out to me via my website looking for more information on my wedding packages. After the reading the first few sentences of her story, I already knew we would going to become best friends. Her obsession for wine matched mine, her wit and overall joy for life captured me.

After meeting with Andreae, her amazing son Houston and her fiancé Kylan, we quickly discovered that we had meet once before. In the strange twist of this crazy universe we discovered we had all meet at the animal hospital that I work at! What are the chances! If im being honest, it was their yorkie, Oliver, who sealed the deal for me….

We all decide to meet up for their engagement photos at Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO. Lookout mountain holds special memories for them as Kylan’s family actually live up there. We gathered on a rather frigid day but we were blessed with Colorado’s most special gift. The sun.

They let me run around like the crazy woman I am. They enjoyed my cheesy jokes and they let me feed them shots! There were chest bumps, tickle fights and face lickings. I even dared them to see who could hold their ice cold hands under the others shirt the longest!! I have not had this much fun on an engagement session in a long, long while. It was truly just a group of friends hanging out, getting to know one another. I am besides myself with excitement for their upcoming nuptials at Cherry Creek Boathouse in August!!!!!