Playful Engagement in Lost Gulch | Boulder, Colorado

ok, join me in envisioning the most scenic, stereotypical Colorado location. now envision that, that location is accessible from a 3 minute walk. it exists friends, I swear it!! 

lost gulch lookout in boulder, colorado.

not only is this location breathtaking and a total photographers dream but the drive up there is almost as amazing as the view from the top. windy two lane road, with tree line views from all sides. I immediately rolled the windows down, cranked up some tunes and took in that fresh, sweet mountain air.

 for the past year Mark and Ellie took a leap of faith together...they packed up their car, their lives, their little fur baby and moved to Denver from Tennessee. JUST THE TWO OF THEM. No family here, no friends here. They literally just woke up and started a new adventure. Hats off to them! Their care free, passion for adventure and life radiates from their faces throughout this entire photoshoot. Hands down the MOST FUN I have ever had at a shoot. Both Ellie and Mark excepted me as a long lost friend from our first moments together. I never wanted to stop clicking that shutter. I hope you can feel their joy from these photos because I know I can.

Cheers to them and their upcoming nuptials!