Miriah + Nate | Echo Lake, Idaho Springs

Now if you have been with me for the past year you will recognize these two babes. Christmas 2016 I was starting out as a newbie photographer and Miriah's family asked me to take family photos of them all since everyone would be in town...Little back story I have known this real life mermaid for many, many years....Anyways the day was Christmas Eve, and Miriah's mom called me 2 hours before our shoot. She let me know that Nate was going to propose during the shoot and they'd love me to capture it. Ehhhh- what a friggin magical moment it was! Everyone was crying and hugging. Myself included. I must admit that several of my shots are blurry as I couldn't see through my own tears. Ha! 

Jumping forward one year they let me climb a mountain with them and take some snaps of their gorgeous faces in FREEZING cold weather. We are talking 12,000 ft, on a frozen lake, cue wind....Now to keep warmth in their hands and feet from falling off they tolerated me making them do jumping jacks and run from one location to the next. I honestly could not adore them more for being truly adventurous and brave. It was worth ever goosebump, I mean come on, look at their love SHINE!! 

I am beyond thrilled to stand up next to them as they become man and wife this coming summer. ~