Chantel + Chris | Lost Gulch, Boulder, CO

When your pals get engaged and you have an awesome idea for an engagement shoot - you pull out all the stops to make some magic. 

I have been wanting to go to Lost Gulch for sometime now. I had seen pictures of it on social media and knew it would make for a great photo opportunity. Cue Chantel and Chris.

Amazing scenery accompanied by incredible company, these two bought nothing but laughter and good vibes to the whole day. I have had the pleasure of knowing Chantel for over 10 years. Who can say that?! In those years I have watched her grown into a strong and independent woman. She has finally met her match in her counterpart- Chris.  He's smart, funny, and level-headed. The balance in their relationship is so clear in these photos it just melts me! That is always my goal in a photoshoot- to allow the viewers a sneak peak into someones love. Here you can see he is the protector and she brings out the playful side in him. 

I can not wait to watch these two get hitched!